Youth Outreach

The Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter (ARAC) is part of the national Tuskegee Airmen Inc. organization consisting of 50 chapters. Chartered in 2006, ARAC's mission is to perpetuate the activities and achievements of those Americans who shared in the aspirations and frustrations of pioneering men and women in the Tuskegee experience of the US Army Air Corps and to actively motivate youth to outstanding achievement and leadership. The Tuskegee Airmen's strength of character, courage and ability to triumph over adversity during World War II serves to inspire others, especially our youth, to set goals and succeed today. Leveraging this rich legacy, along with a very dynamic outreach program, ARAC is able to raise funds and to form partnerships with civilian and military organizations to effectively serve the community. While ARAC uses aviation as a "hook" to inspire students to take an interest in STEM, students are encouraged to pursue excellence in any career field of their choice.

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