Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter (ARAC), TAI

and the

Organization of Black Airline Pilots (OBAP) Inaugurate Successful ACE Camp

The ARAC/OBAP team launched its inaugural ACE Camp in the Phoenix area May 30 – 3 June 2006.

The ARAC/OBAP team focused on minority and disadvantage kids, and the attendees come from across the Valley of the Sun.  The Camp included classes on goals, life skills, history, air traffic control, and basic aerodynamics.  Also, several Tuskegee Airmen and other role models gave inspirational lectures about their experiences and about how to overcome obstacles in life.  The Campers also enjoyed presentations from Engineering, Management, & Technology (EMT), Inc., Embry-Riddle, the Air National Guard, Boeing Company, and the US Air Force.  In addition, the participants built and flew model airplanes, observed the Apache Helicopter assembly line, and were able to see and touch numerous military and civilian aircraft during the week. 

The ARAC/OBAP team has established an excellent template for conducting future ACE Camps in Arizona. Partnerships have been initiated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, the Arizona Air National Guard, Luke AFB, Boeing Company in Mesa, AZ, and the 538 Chapter, Experimental Aircraft Association in Phoenix. The team is confident that by working together, an even greater effort is possible in the future.



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