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18 Nov 16/Issue 11-16-01

Greetings ARAC member!

     Let me begin by letting you know that our organization has great value to your community and our Great Nation!  At this point, I would like to express from the Board of Directors/Board of Advisers our sincere gratitude and thankfulness to those who have volunteered their time in supporting the mission to ARAC.  It is not an exaggeration here if I say that “the volunteer efforts of a small group of our membership has been the highlight for ARAC’s success!”  Be a volunteer, ARAC continues to need you…

     There has been concerns from about how our Chapter information has been getting out to you.  So, in an effort to make improvements, this is the first attempt in improving the communication for you, the membership, with the presentation of “TIDBITS”.  By definition, a “tidbit” is a small piece of news or interesting information…thus, tidbits will be an electronic vehicle that would provide immediate coverages and notifications to you, as it all happens, with ARAC activities!



     29 Oct 16 - One of our ARAC members (Dr. Nate Carr) was a presenter of the Tuskegee Airmen story at the EAA      COPPERSTATE Fly-in and Education Expo at Falcon Field Mesa, AZ.

     We have a long-standing relationship with the Arizona Young Eagles of EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) whom support our ACE Academy students with free orientation flights


     9 Nov 16 - Robert (Bob) Ashby spent the day with the Children at Buckeye Elementary School.  Bob read                  "Books" to a few classes and provided "Stories" to other classes involving the Tuskegee Airmen and the                  importance of our history - we've been told that Bob had  big smile on his face while enjoying his moments              with the children.  The day ended with an eventful parade around the central part of the school with musical            entertainment for the make a delightful day!

     Yep! One of our DOTA's (Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen) had a positive affect in the community, while        serving as a "role Model" to the kids...THANKS YOU BOB!


     11 Nov 16 - Richard (Dick) Toliver has been in discussions with the Buckeye Airport Development Group to              provide possible youth aviation programs at the Buckeye Airport - Dick is the point man for this                                endeavor/opportunity.

     The Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter mission is to support youth aviation education.  Dick explained/provided      thoughts that if there's a mutual interest, this could be a great partnership.

      Thinking out of the box...Dick has also planned on contacting Embry-Riddle to determine whether they still             have an interest in proceeding with any future discussions in the same area.


     11 Nov 16 - The Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter (ARAC), Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. (TAI) Unveiled a Granite Paver to Honor the Tuskegee Airmen WW II Heroes at the Wesley Bolin Plaza, East of the State Capital this past Veterans Day.

     Congrats out to Dave Toliver and his supporting cast…a very successful presentation and “YET” another shining star showing for Tuskegee Airmen!

     Visit the ARAC WEBSITE at for event photos 


     20 Nov 16, ARAC Monthly Meeting –  Conducted by:  Mr. Larry “Jet” Jackson                                                            


Intro:  the ARAC meeting will be dedicated to “Aviation Career Education” and our Youth Programs

- Highlights of each day of the ACE Academy. Acknowledgement of sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

- Introduction of students. Their status and goals

- College scholarships

- Financing College

- Chapter membership

-  Plans for ground school and flight lessons

- AZ Community Foundation presentation

- Student presentations, speaking about their experiences

- Marine Corps Major Julian Rosemond will give a presentation on the MV-22 Osprey aircraft.

- Two college scholarship opportunities will be addressed for HS seniors

 ·    UPCOMING EVENTS FOR - Nov/Dec 16

      16 Nov 16 - Veteran Medical Leadership Counsel Brunch:

      Time: 11:30 AM/Location: The Arizona Biltmore

      Volunteers were taken at the October 2016 ARAC Chapter meeting for a table of 10 people, $100 tickets were        free to the Chapter. This is the 14th Annual “HEROES PATRIOTIC LUNCHEON”

      This year's featured speaker is Colonel Thomas Kirk, US Air Force (Ret).

      Col. Kirk was a fighter pilot in Korea and Vietnam. He was a POW in Vietnam for five-and-a-half years after               being shot down over Hanoi in 1967

      This is a patriotic salute to our nation's Veterans and the community that supports the VMLC and their                     mission!

  •  20 Nov 16 - ARAC Monthly Meeting (3rd Sunday of every month)

       This Meeting will be dedicated to our “Youth Programs”

       Christmas Party Announcements

       Pastries, finger food, drinks and a good time—looking for ideas/volunteers!

  • Dec 16, future date TBD - Taking a Stand in History Educational School Project     

      Mr. Stacey Trepanier, a New Visas Center for Education Teacher, has requested a Tuskegee Airmen                             Presentation for a class presentation

      This is a student project relating to the national History Day - the school project is a competitve research                 project that encourages students to research historical events using an in-depth theme - a student has                     selected the Tuskegee Airman as his project.

      POC for this outing is Bill Norwood, questions/concerns should be addressed to Bill.

  • 18 Dec 16 – ARAC Monthly Meeting (3rd Sunday of every month)

      ARAC’s Christmas “Get Together”

      We will try to finalize our committee members and "get together" plans during our 18 Nov 16 ARAC meeting

  • ARAC's Calendar of Events is now in the production stage

     Expecting a January 2017 Completion date for publication to the membership (on-line)

     Looking for volunteers to assist in maintaining the Calendar



     29 Oct 16 - Colonel Richard Toliver was inducted into the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame

     “Congrats” Dick, you're now a legend!          


      Ms. Diana Gregory (Pending application) sponsored by Reicard Toliver


     Get well’s out to Steve Chung.  Our thoughts and prayers out to our President, Steve Chung!

     Steve is in a state of “rest and recovery” now but, continues to stay in contact with the ARAC Board of                      Directors/Advisers…he continues to deliver his guidance and thoughts! 

     Steve should be back on his feet by the early part of next year (2017)

 Last thoughts, be safe during the upcoming Holidays, we want you to be around for the New Year (always needing more volunteers!)  


Take care and be safe,

Ted Vactor

President (Acting)

Archer/Ragsdale Tuskegee Airmen Chapter, Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona


While ARAC strives to perpetuate the Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, our primary focus is encouraging valley youth toward excellence.  Excellence, not only in aviation and aerospace careers, but also in any career of their choosing…David Toliver, Sr.

The "'.Prez"!